Kübra Müjde


I am the founder and director of the Qbicart Online Art School. I wasborn and raised in Mesopotamia, and have been working as an Artist in the UK for several years, where I am also pursuing a PhD in fine art. Ihave been participating in juries for many art platforms and biennial exhibitions.

My meaning of life is to “make art meet children”: to bring artistic awareness by reminding them of the existence of art in every experience they will encounter on this planet. For nearly ten years, I have been
organizing art classes for children and adults, travel workshops, and museum meetings. I believe that art gives a unique way of communicating with children. As a form of cultural activism and dialogue, I have
organized workshops with children in local schools and villages on many travels. I want to turn the works of art from hundreds of children I met throughout the world into a permanent collection both physically and on
digital platforms.

I imagine this “Untamed Sketches Museum” as a village where people come together for the sake of art, to come to life, to create and renew without looking for a difference in language and nationality.

Kübra Müjde

QBICART Founder, an Artist, Museum Guide
September 1, 2020, Mesopotamia



We are a Digital Children’s Art School that was born and in 2005 in the lands of Mesopotamia and spread over the World. As of October 1 2017, we continue our Ministry approved activities in England with art services that we offer in around eight countries. Our aim is to reach children of different nationalities and cultures without country boundaries, and experience the freedom of expression by art with them.


Our greatest dream is to establish a permanent “Children’s Art Museum” with children’s artworks collections that we gathered.


This story that started in 2013 after we came together with one child and started painting, now keeps on growing with 52 children, and 12 artist and art instructor!

Our staff is made of dynamic artists who love children and each are very experienced on visual arts. With that, we have dearest voluntary experience designers, a voluntary parent coordinator who contact our parents personally, pedagogues who provide pedagogical support to Qbicart team, and a social team responsible who brings the artworks we create with the children during our meetings to you.

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The attitude that’s in the foundations of Qbicart and that we prioritize during our meetings is to ensure the children journey towards their own imaginations rather than drawing exactly what they see, to make sure they realize the artworks they create are their own, and unique. We only accompany them during the time we are together. While doing this, we bring them together with artists and sculptors who had a place in art history.

We believe in practical and cumulative art education…

We focus on visual arts in the meetings we offer specifically. These workshops consist of painting, sculpting, recycling, illustrating, digital arts, comic books, art through creative play, percussion, my words-my music workshops, and our favourite, nature workshop. Visual arts are limitlessly rich- we aim to support their full potentials and structure learning special to each child’s capabilities.

We get our strength from our instructors…

Our instructors are active artist who offer their experiences to everything Qbicart accomplishes. Our instructors are experienced, innovative, determined to form strong communication with children, and provide a high-quality education

We encourage creativity and collaboration in positive learning environments…

While our programs start with age 3,5, we have workshops for every age as far as adults. We help our students trust themselves, get pleasure from expressing themselves and communicating through art- whether interpretation, or improvisation, or any other method…Our children who meet us receive “Qbicart Online Art School” certificate after 6 months, which is valid in many countries around the world.


We care about children expressing themselves through art. Because art will strengthen children’s awareness; provide the necessary basis for them to be intellectual individuals who can empathize in the future, express themselves better and freely, wonder, ask questions, be confident, think differently, create courageously, and have a broad imagination. It will enable them to gain different perspectives and center improvisation in every aspect of their lives; will support them in gaining communication power through learning through play and artistic storytelling.