Hi Kids!

Hi kids!

While touching the souls of countless children we meet, our platform to reach the families they live with is “Hello Children”. Hello Children is an educational program where we meet with experts, educators, psychologists, theorists, researchers, and artists who are experts in their fields, discuss the importance and necessity of art, revisit, evaluate, discuss, discuss the problems and then find solutions by analyzing them.

Our aim is to take a breather for families struggling to adapt to the busy pace of life and to show them, with the most naive language, their art concerns that they may not even find the time to take on their agenda.

Episode 1

In this episode of Hello Children, we will go to Pieter Bruegel's village.

Episode 2

In this episode of Hello Children, we will be in Claude Monet's Garden.

Episode 3

To all children who are interested in art! This is my video for you. This week I will tell you about Pablo Picasso, a painter known to the world. Are you ready to think small?

Episode 4

Vincent, a short Vangogh story with nearly thirty self-portraits he drew with you, my little painters Self Portrait? What is that! Scratching the part from our own head up to our shoulders? Yes guys, calm down. Go in front of the mirror, explore the details on your face while painting your own portrait like a painter!

Episode 5

“The whole world should know that there is no power, no authority at the head of this state and this nation. There is only one force. That is also national sovereignty. There is only one authority. That is the heart, conscience and presence of the nation. "

Episode 6

Art education makes important contributions to all developmental areas of the child. It is observed that children who grew up with art show a happier and healthier spiritual, mental and physical development, and also have a more calm mood.

You can also access our “Hello Children” meetings, which we broadcast live for 60 minutes via the Qbicart Instagram account, as visual and audio recording on Qbicart Youtube and Spotify channels.