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Current Events

Art Party

12 children can join the Art Parties at the same time. We create tailor-made Art Parties specifically to children who want to celebrate their birthdays with their close friends in line with parents’ and children’s wishes.

Hello Children

You can reach 60 minutes “Hello Children” meetings that we broadcast live on Qbicart Instagram page, on Qbicart YouTube and Spotify channels as visual and auditory recordings as well.

Adult Workshop

As a formation that values art awareness, indeed, we come together not only with children, but also with grown up children who we call “adults”. We come together with all adults with interest, and parents who couldn’t have the opportunity to experience art in their childhood, who have been intertwined with art till their adulthood but couldn’t spare time for art in pace of work.

Our Art Instructors

From our Pupils and their Families