Qbicart workshops vary according to your demands. We have a rich staff of artists who can give all of the trainings we offer both in Turkish and in English.

We have Visual Arts Workshops and Qbicart in Museum (Museum Workshops). It is divided into private and group workshops.

The currency rate of the country you currently live in is deducted from your account during payment. Since we are a UK-based institution, the currency is converted into Sterling.

Fees for one-on-one workshops are shared with the participant after the demo meeting. Group workshops are published on our website with tickets.

When you click the BUY TICKET button just below all the workshops we have published, you can buy your ticket. The invitation link will be sent to your e-mail 6 HOURS before the workshop starts.

We have separated our workshops according to your child’s age and published them accordingly.

You can find the information about the materials needed under each workshop we published.

We are an international institution based in the UK, consisting of a staff of 30 artists, trainers and experts, giving Art Workshops. We have face-to-face and online workshops for all ages 2,5 years and older.

We require a trial lesson for one-on-one (private) lessons. First of all, we ask the applicant to request a demo by clicking the Let’s Meet button on the main page. After the trial lesson, we decide on an instructor according to the readiness of your child for the online workshop and we start to give our workshops based on mutual agreement.