Our team has the expertise to carry out workshops in both Turkish or English. It is enough to state your request before the workshop takes place.

Our workshops can be held as online, face-to-face, individual and group lessons. On our website, you can see the workshop options under the heading of ‘programs,’ as well as the workshops that will take place on the calendar we publish monthly. You can also create a demo lesson request for the courses you want to attend individually.

We announce the workshop programs we have prepared for different age groups in different branches by giving a brief information about the program. We also publish what we did in the workshop on our Qbicart Instagram account. By following us, you can have more information about what we do in the workshops.

We share the fee information for the one-on-one lessons after our demo lesson takes place. Fee information for our group lessons and museum workshops are published on our website with tickets.

On our website, you can find suitable workshop options for different age groups under the heading of ‘programs.’

We also share material information while making our workshop announcements.

For the one-on-one lessons, we have the requirement of attending the free demo class before. First of all, we ask the applicant to fill in the demo course form by clicking the “DEMO” button on the main page. Taking into account the readiness of the person after our demo lesson, we start to carry out our workshops based on mutual satisfaction and benefit.

Yes, we also organize face-to-face workshops both at home and abroad within Qbicart. You can find more information by visiting our face-to-face workshops page.