We are the world’s first online technology and art school and we were born in Mesopotamia, managing to reach a global scale in a short time.

As of 2017, we are conducting our art and technology workshops simultaneously in approximately twelve countries -with the approval of the Ministry- in the UK. These countries are: United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, China, Turkey, Japan, Ireland, France and Spain.


“Reintroducing the society with Art, Science and Technology”.

In every experience people encounter on this planet, to bring them a new awareness by reintroducing the existence of art, science and technology from their own windows. Our goal is to reach children and adults of all nationalities and different cultures by going beyond the borders of countries and to enable them to express themselves through art, science and technology. Our biggest dream is to transform the products we have been collecting into simultaneous collections and to exhibit them in

MUSEUM OF UNTAMED SKETCHES, which we aim to establish at more than one point in the world and which we started to work on. Qbicart started off with the visual arts discipline and met with the concepts of Science and Technology. Today, the equal distribution of the participants in three different disciplines is directly proportional to the expertise of the names carrying out these disciplines. We care about society’s expressing themselves through Art, Technology and Science. Because Art, Technology and Science strengthen the individual’s awareness and empathy; help them create a different perspective, think analytically, problem-solving and multi-faceted, express themselves more accurately and freely; enable them to wonder, to ask questions, be self-confident, courageous, broad imagination and let them become intellectual people. Our programs consist of workshops and meetings for all ages of 2.5 years and above. While being in the kitchen part of this process feeds the Qbicart Team with an extremely rich journey, our experiences transform into a documentary that we have already started to write. People who take part in a regular three-month workshop at Qbicart are given “Inspirational Certificates” created from the theme of the participants’ own work.

Our Manifesto!

The attitude that lies at the basis of Qbicart and which we prioritize in our meetings is not to draw children exactly what they look at, but to make them travel to their imaginations; in other words, when we say “should we draw an octopus?”, instead of waiting for the child to draw a shape with eight legs and a single head, we wish to create the freedom and atmosphere that will enable them to draw their OWN octopus, which they will create and reconstruct from their fantasy world.

This takes its primary place not only in our meetings with children but also in all the workshops we run with adults. Our definitive goal is to make the person realize that the work or the creation they have imagined or made is their own, unique and one of its kind, and to establish a bond with their creation. During the time we are together, our only responsibility is to accompany them in producing works comfortably, as themselves.

While accomplishing this, we nourish them by talking about painters, sculptors, scientists, realized inventions and inventions in history, and make them think and question in active dialogue. Thus, their minds create alongside their hands. Witnessing this is our only motivation and our greatest happiness.

We care about society’s expression of themselves through art, technology and the newly joining science. Because, by strengthening the awareness of the individual, they enable them to be intellectual people who are; empathetic, able to create different perspectives, analytical and problem-solving, thinking multi-faceted, expressing themselves more accurately and freely, wondering, asking questions, being self-confident, creating courageously and with a broad imagination.

Our programs consist of workshops and meetings for all ages of 2.5 years and above. While being in the kitchen part of this process feeds the Qbicart Team with an extremely rich journey, our experiences already are turning into a documentary that we have started to write.

“Inspiration Certificates”, created from the theme of the participant’s own work, are given to those who take part in a regular three-month workshop at Qbicart.

Kübra Müjde

I am the founder and director of the Qbicart Technology, Science, Art school.

I am a phd student, art educator, artist, museum guide, nature, child and hot pepper lover, and a traveler who was born and raised in mesopotamia and now lives in england. 🙂

My meaning of life is “to reintroduce art to society” to bring a new awareness to people by reminding them of the existence of art in every experience they will encounter on this planet.

For nearly ten years, I have been organizing traveling workshops, museum meetings and one-on-one artistic journeys with children of different nationalities. I take part in many volunteer art platforms as an educator, artist and jury.

My only goal; to turn the unique works of art of the hundreds of people I have met to take on new journeys to the future, into a permanent collection both somewhere on earth and on digital platforms.

For this, all my motivation is “to establish the Untamed Sketches Museum and town at a point in the world. a town where people, whose common point is pure art, meet, come to life, create and renew, without looking at differences in language or nationality…

Kübra Müjde

The Founder of QBICART

September 1, 2020