Children’s Archeology

Archeology is a branch of science that emerged as a result of people’s efforts to make sense of the world and life. Curiosity about old cultures and the desire to know where their origins lie deepened, and this became humanity’s search for meaning. This search has reached a common denominator: the common cultural heritage of humanity… The experience and pace of life that adults already have in their lives can often prevent such a curiosity from deepening.

However, this is different for children. Children who have just started discovering the world and life have many unanswered questions in their minds. Everything they see around them has a question, a story. While sometimes this story can be explained very simply, sometimes it can be complicated for all of us. Knowing the history of a material that we hold in our hands gives that object a much deeper meaning.

Archeology from Children’s Perspective

Now go back to your own childhood; When you were still at the beginning of your life, remember how connected you were with nature rather than exhausting pace. We all must have wondered how old a tree that we touched, a stone that got stuck on our feet, a high wall, or an old house. However, have you thought about the age of an object we touched and who first touched it? This sense of curiosity, which was very deep when we were yet children, enables us to build abstract and concrete bridges between the past and the present. Archeology draws a path to help children at this point. Thanks to the information obtained with archeology, children’s imaginations expand, and their questioning skills are strengthened as they compare the past and the present. They develop awareness of the concept of cultural heritage, and perhaps most importantly, their perspective on cultural diversity changes and evolves.

Archeology education is important in terms of changing the perspective of cultural heritage in society and creating a protective understanding. Archeology is a field where children can freely ask their questions, widen their imagination, discover new things and lots of fun. Beyond the sites, antiquities and museums, we invite you to a journey that deepens our perspective on art, society and cultures at Qbicart! 🌱🌼