Title: Fun and Creative Art Tutor for Engaging and Educational Art Lessons for Kids (Ages 4-12)

We are searching for a creative and enthusiastic art tutor to join our team and provide engaging and educational art lessons for children between the ages of 4 and 12. As an art tutor for kids, you will have the opportunity to inspire young minds, nurture their creativity, and help them develop their artistic skills in a fun and supportive environment.

If you want to join us, the deadline is February 9th, 2024


Design fun and age-appropriate art lessons: Develop and implement art lessons that are tailored to the needs and interests of children in the 4-12 age range. Create a curriculum that covers various art techniques, styles, and mediums, including drawing, painting, collage, and crafts.

Foster creativity and self-expression: Encourage children to explore their imagination and express themselves through art. Provide a safe and supportive environment where they can experiment, take risks, and develop their unique artistic style.

Teach foundational art skills: Instruct children in basic art skills such as drawing shapes, using colors, mixing paints, and creating textures. Introduce them to fundamental art concepts, including composition, perspective, and proportion.

Organize engaging art activities: Plan and organize hands-on art activities and projects that capture children’s interest and keep them engaged. Incorporate storytelling, games, and interactive elements into the lessons to make learning art enjoyable and memorable.

Provide positive reinforcement and feedback: Offer constructive feedback and positive reinforcement to help children build confidence in their artistic abilities. Celebrate their achievements and guide them in areas where they can improve, fostering a growth mindset.


Artistic background: A strong foundation in art with proficiency in various art mediums and techniques suitable for children. Familiarity with child-friendly art supplies and materials.

Experience working with children: Prior experience working with children in an educational or recreational setting. Understanding of child development and the ability to adapt teaching methods to engage and inspire young learners.

Passion for art education: A genuine passion for teaching art to children and fostering their artistic growth. Ability to ignite their curiosity and cultivate a love for art.

Patience and interpersonal skills: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to connect with children and establish a positive and supportive learning environment. Patience and empathy when working with young learners.

Organizational skills: Strong organizational skills to plan lessons, manage art materials, and keep track of students’ progress. Ability to create a structured and well-paced curriculum.

Lesson Duration and Fee

Each art lesson will be approximately 75 minutes in duration, allowing enough time for instruction, hands-on activities, and individual guidance. The lessons will be scheduled on a weekly / monthly basis, with the possibility of group lessons or individual sessions based on the preference and availability of the children and families.

Fee £ 40 per workshop

If you are a creative and dedicated art tutor who loves working with children aged 4-12 and has a knack for making art fun and educational, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your resume, portfolio (if applicable), and a brief cover letter outlining your experience working with children and your teaching approach.

We are excited to welcome an art tutor who will inspire young artists, foster their creativity, and create a love for art that will last a lifetime.